Lion’s Share TRX (TRON) Cryptocurrency Smart contract

Lion’s Share TRX (TRON) Smart Contract Good or Bad?

Let’s think about this for a minute, cryptocurrency (some just say Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is a specific type of crypto) is a new kind of currency or money. Crypto is a digital currency that is typically controlled by a trustless system. All this means is, crypto doesn’t have to pass through the hands of the government, banks, or any other system that people are used to and this makes people a bit scared of getting started in the crypto space.

We’ve found a way for you to get started with crypto with a small amount of money ($6 USD) and you can turn your investment into a nice nest egg while learning more about the new digital currency world Bitcoin.

Lion’s Share TRX (TRON) Crypto Coin with Smart Contract is the way to get started

What is Lion’s Share TRX (Tron) and is this smart contract cryptocurrency a scam or right for you? Below you will find all the answers to the most common questions when it comes to Lion’s Share. At the very bottom of this blog is a link that explains in even more detail about smart contracts, TRX, and a step-by-step set of instructions to help you get started so you can take advantage of this opportunity.

What is Lion’s Share?

Lion’s Share is a decentralized Smart Contract that has been put directly on the blockchain. If you’re not familiar or completely lost when it comes to crypto, Bitcoin, or any digital currency, Lion’s Share offers FREE digital education through the Lion’s Share Academy, that can be accessed from any country in the world.

Who owns Lion’s Share?

Lion’s Share does not have or require an owner or an admin. It is a self-operating system located on the blockchain and cannot be changed or altered. This is a massive advantage and is a type of checks and balances that prevent fraud and owners from changing compensation to benefit themselves.

The Lion’s Share TRX (smart contract) pays you when you share!

Lion’s Share offers a peer to peer matrix compensation plan that pays 100% commissions directly and instantly to their members when they refer someone else. What this means is that when you refer someone to Lion’s Share you’ll be paid a commission if they purchase TRX (Tron) and enter/join Lion’s Share. This gives you an opportunity to earn while you learn about crypto.

How are commissions paid?

All commissions are paid in TRX (Tron) and are paid directly and instantly to your wallet. The smart contract never receives payments, therefore you will never have to wait on a commission. It will be paid directly to you immediately. You can allow your commissions (TRX-Tron) to accumulate or you can cash out whenever you want.

Do I have to own a package to earn commissions from it?

In order to earn commissions from the L1 or L2, you are required to own the package the commission is generated on. The system will automatically pay the commission to the next person in line if you are not active at the package in which the commission is generated

Is there a guarantee of earning?

There is no guarantee of earnings without effort. Just like any legitimate business it requires effort to earn. There is an opportunity for spillover on our L2 platform, but the more people you refer, and the more team members you help, the more you will earn.

Do I have to own both the L1 and L2?

You can purchase the L1 or L2 package independently. However, you can only upgrade to double your L1 package. For instance, if you own package one on the L1 system you can purchase up to package 2 on L2. If you own up to package 4 on L1, then you can purchase up to package 8 on L2.

How long can Lion’s Share last?

Lion’s Share is a Smart Contract on the blockchain. As long as there is a blockchain, Lion’s Share will be in business.

What does decentralized mean?

This means the system is not run or owned by anyone. The creators of the program are participants just like you. It also means you can run your business completely anonymously.

Can my account ever be closed?

No, once your account is created it can never be removed or destroyed.

What information is required to open my account?

The only thing required to create your account is a TRX wallet. You will not be asked to provide personal information.

How do I refer others to Lion’s Share?

When you become a paid member you will receive your affiliate link located in your back office. You will share this link with others to refer them to your business.

Learn exactly how to get started with Lion’s Share TRX and exactly what you need to do to buy TRX- Tron, how to convert any other crypto currency, fiat (Us Dollar, Euro, or GBP) into TRX in order to fund your Tron Link.

For a step-by-step tutorial click this link. Official Lion Share Business starting system

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