Pruvit Keto//OS VS Real Ketones

Pruvit Keto OS or Real Ketones?

Keto//OS and Real Ketones are both supplements that provide BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) that induces the state of ketosis (fat-burning state).

In recent years, ketogenic supplements have become common and seem to be competing for everyone’s attention and money, specifically ketone supplements.

If you are wanting weight loss, more energy, or maintaining a low carb diet which keto supplement is best for you and why?

We’ll dive into both Real Ketones and Pruvit Keto//OS to help you make the best choice. We’ll also look at the options for you to make some extra cash with each of the companies.  

Both Keto OS by Pruvit and Real Ketones by Kegenix are exogenous ketones and both will increase your blood ketone levels. Both products taste good and both have led the keto shift around the world and both companies seem to be tied together (we make this assumption based on info below).


The founders of Pruvit are Brian Underwood who partnered with long time friend Terry Lacore to manufacture and distribute their product Keto//OS.

Pruvit Products:

Keto//OS NAT, Keto//UP, Keto//Reboot, Signal OS, Keto Kreme, and Keto//Pro

Pruvit Keto//OS Price:

$130 for 20 Servings of Keto//OS NAT

Pruvit Keto NAT

Pruvit Keto//OS Benefits

These benefits are listed on Pruvit’s website and on the box of their product.

  • Increased Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Increased Focus
  • Better sleep
  • Improved Mood

Pruvit Timeline:

2015- Started selling Keto//OS using a patent controlled by Axess Global. The patent was for the combination of MCT powder and BHB that was formulated by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino from USF (University of South Florida).

2016- Pruvit started using a different formula that did not comply with the original patent from Axcess Global and Dr. D’Agostino (USF).  Pruvit’s new product was called Keto//MAX which did not use MCT powder and used a proprietary blend with an unknown amount of BHB (ketone body).

2018- Pruvit started selling another version of Keto//OS called Keto//OS NAT. Pruvit claims that Keto//OS NAT is a naturally fermented ketone; although, Pruvit, Brian Underwood, and Terry Lacore (Lacore Labs) has never fully explained how this is done and claimed the process is patented, no patent # covers this specific product (Keto//OS NAT).

Pruvit Business Model:

Pruvit is a MLM where people make money selling Pruvit products. Often times people think that MLM’s a pyramid schemes. This is not the case with most MLM’s. In order to be a pyramid scheme a company takes your money and offers no products or services in exchange.

It is true that the majority of people in MLM’s do not make huge sums of money, but it is possible.

If we think about it, when you join an MLM and start your own business you become the CEO of your own business. You must develop a marketing plan, and sale the product and recruit others to sell the product in order to build a successful business.

The bottom line, MLM’s require you to sell, and often times the products or services your selling are marked up 200-400% so they can pay a commission out to everyone involved.

Also, most people think you have to be in the MLM early to succeed and this is not the case. If a person works hard enough they can win. People also think that the only ones that make the BIG money are the ones at the top. This is not true, but in some MLM companies, this could be true. In Pruvit it appears that Brian Underwood (the CEO of Pruvit) has an actual position within the Pruvit compensation plan and it is at the top. Here at, we are not sure if the CEO having the top position is ethical or legal. We feel the way most probably feel and that it’s not right and that is why companies like this cause people to question the entire industry.

pruvit promoter

This still doesn’t mean you can not make an extra $1-5,000 a month from home. It just means that MLM may not be as fair as some would make you believe.

Where are Pruvit products made?

Pruvit products are made and shipped from Terry Lacore’s (owner/partner in Pruvit) manufacturing facility in Van Alstyne, TX.,

Pruvit Headquarters:

901 Sam Rayburn Highway, Melissa, Texas 75454

Pruvit Product or Lab location:


Pruvit Troubles / Lawsuits

Pruvit is no stranger to lawsuits. Pruvit, Brian Underwood, and Terry Lacore first raised eyebrows in 2015 when they were sued by ForeverGreen and Access Global (the owner of the ketone supplement patent). Pruvit was sued for using the ketone formula that was patented. After about a year of fighting the lawsuit, Pruvit settled and shortly afterward changed their formula.

In the last few years Pruvit has sued and has been sued several times. Pruvit has sued individuals that have left their company to start selling in other company and they have sued other companies because Pruvit promoters had joined their company.

Pruvit Summary:

Pruvit has numerous products that support the keto lifestyle. Most products taste good and they all do what they are advertised to do (increase ketone levels or put you into ketosis). Pruvit products work great and have 1,000’s of reviews.

Pruvit products are the highest priced products on the market and have no confirmed scientific studies that support the benefits Pruvit claims.

Pruvit is a MLM and offers people an opportunity to earn extra money while selling their products.

Pruvit may be over priced and seems to benefit the CEO most of all since it has been reported that he (Brian Underwood and we hear his wife) has a position in the compensation plan along with a hefty salary and bonuses (like other CEO’s of major companies)

If you want to purchase Pruvit products or join to grow a business we have found a promoter that we feel is honest and driven but is not a top earner (that we are aware of). We are putting this Pruvit Promoters info out to help them and we have no relationship with them or Pruvit.

Learn more about Pruvit or order Pruvit Ketones here

Real Ketones (Kegenix)

keto supplement

The founders of Real Ketones, Rob Rogers and Gary Millet. Rob Rogers is the managing director of Axcess Global (the owners of the MCT + BHB patent developed in USF and Dr. D’Agostino). Yes, the same patent Pruvit originally used and was sued over.

Real Ketones Products:

Keto Boost Ketone Capsules, Real 30, Weight Loss Ketone Stick Packs, Prime D+, Keto Chips, Keto Protein Bars, Grass Feed Protein with Ketones, Keto Starter Kit, Keto Energy Shots, Collagen, Keto Vitamins, Keto Coffee Creamer, C8 MCT Powder, Ketone Test strips, Keto App

Real Ketones Price:

$49.99 for 28 Servings ($45.00 if you use KETO10 as your discount code)

Real Ketones Benefits

These benefits are listed on real Ketones website and on the box of their product and the patents they hold.

Weight loss

Increased performance

Brain health

Real Ketones Timeline:

2013 Real Ketones Started using the original patented ketone supplement using MCT + BHB.

Real Ketones has used the same formula since it started, but has added keto friendly products to help maintain and support a persons weight loss goals.

Real Ketones Business Model:

Real Ketones Affiliate
Fill out The Real Ketones Affiliate Form to get started

Kegenix/ Real Ketones is not an MLM company but does offer people an opportunity to earn extra money by offering an affiliate marketing opportunity (much like Amazon).

After doing our research we know that Real Ketone products work and are patented with actual clinical studies supporting the use of Real Ketones ( This is where Pruvit and Keto//OS fail, Pruvit doesn’t have ANY clinical trials or at least not that have been publish.

Real Ketones has an actual science board ( that has some of the top Dr.’s in the keto space; which is something that creates a huge advantage as no other ketone supplement company has a legitimate scientific board.   

These facts make Real Ketones a better and more legitimate opportunity, in our opinion. This is not to say you can’t or won’t make some extra cash from Pruvit. It’s a lot easier to share ketones with others when the product has actual scientific research supporting it.

If you want to become an affiliate with Real Ketones simply click here and fill in your info, it’s free and easy to get started.

Where are Real Ketones Made?


That’s right, the same place Pruvit Ketones are made. Both Real Ketones and Pruvit Ketones are made in the same place and by the same person, Terry Lacore.

If Lacore is producing (and it sure seems like they are) why are the Pruvit products 4 times as expensive for fewer servings and why would Terry Lacore and Brian Underwood support a competing product that makes it harder for the Pruvit promoters to sell their product ??

real ketones vs pruvit keto os
Picture was taken at Lacore Nutraceuticals

This makes us wonder if Pruvit’s ketones are the same thing as the Real Ketones product, minus the MCT powder. We also wonder if Terry Lacore and Brian Underwood benefit or have ownership in Real Ketones and if so, it would be a large knife in the back for all the Pruvit customers and promoters (a real shitty thing and in our opinion an unethical thing to do).

Real Ketones Headquarters:

111 2nd Ave. NE Ste. 1401, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33701

Real Ketones Summary:

Real Ketones owns and sells the only original ketone supplement and owns the patent that protects it. Real Ketones has real clinic studies that support the use of their product(s). Real Ketones has and continues to fund studies that prove the use of their product s.

Real Ketones has a scientific board with top Dr.’s like Dr. David Diamond and Dr. Jeff Volek (these 2 Dr.’s speak at Pruvit events but are part of Real Ketones).

Real Ketones offers a superior product as a reasonable price (a 1/4th the price of Pruvit products) and offers an affiliate model so others can earn extra cash by sharing their link.


Pruvit is a MLM company led by Brian Underwood and Terry Lacore.

Pruvit’s ketone supplement cost $130 for 20 servings

Products manufactured at Terry Lacore’s facility @ 1801 S INDUSTRIAL PARK VAN ALSTYNE TX 75495 US

Pruvit is a brand that has grown significantly in the last 5 years and is currently open/shipping to multiple countries.

Pruvit provides a business opportunity that others can potentially make a significant amount or nothing.

Real Ketones is not a MLM, but does offer people an opportunity to earn extra money via their affiliate marketing model.

Real Ketones was founded and run by Real Rob Rogers and Gary Millet and use the original patented formula discovered by Dr. Dom D’Agostino .

Real Ketones ketone supplement cost $49.00 for 28 servings.

Products are manufactured at Terry Lacore’s facility @ 1801 S INDUSTRIAL PARK VAN ALSTYNE TX 75495 US

Real Ketones provides a state of the art app to help people succeed in their weight loss journey for FREE.

Real Ketones is a worldwide brand and shipping around the globe.

Real Ketones provides people with an opportunity to be an affiliate. Affiliates earn 15%


Both products (Real Ketones and Pruvit Keto//OS) have been proven and both have raving fans across the globe. We cannot say that one is better than the other, but only one uses the original patent that was and is the gold standard for the therapeutic benefits of elevated ketone levels and that is Real Ketones.

Pruvit seems to be advancing and continues to innovate its products by using a “fermented” Ketone. We wish Pruvit was more transparent with how this is accomplished and with their supposed patents. The lack of transparency doesn’t mean that their claims are not true.

We feel that if a person wants to make extra money both companies offer a path to it. Real Ketones offers an affiliate program that allows affiliates to enroll and earn from other affiliates. Pruvit offers people a similar opportunity but uses an MLM model.

Both business models have created wealth for a lot of people, but we cannot say which model is better. We recommend that you do your own research and do what feels right to you.

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Here is a link to become a Pruvit Promoter or to order Pruvit Ketones CLICK HERE

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